Suns Win the #1 Overall Pick in the NBA Draft

Yup. It’s happening. After an arduous 21-61 season, the Suns get what they wanted all along. The Suns will be the final #1 pick in the “traditional” tanking era, as, starting next year, the bottom 3 teams all have an equal chance to draft at #1.

Anyway, wow. This is the first time in franchise history the Suns will pick #1 overall, and the last time they came close, they missed out on Kareem. Who will they pick? Ayton? Dončić? Those are really the only two options in most people’s opinion, and now there’s no question that they have the opportunity to draft the best player available.

I did an entire write-up on Ayton, who backed up his statements about wanting to play in Phoenix via interview and tweet. Ayton is just a hulk of a center and could be the next (and first, depending on who you ask) great center in Suns history. He’s confident, smooth, strong, and a hometown player from the University of Arizona. But, Luka Dončić.

Dončić, a favorite of new head coach Igor Kokoškov, is a 6’8’’ point guard from Slovenia. Slovenia has had success in the NBA in the form of Goran Dragic, but his athleticism comes into question coming over from Europe. He’s being touted as the best European prospect ever, and he’s certainly the most hyped prospect from across the Atlantic. Drafting Dončić would also add a lot of height-having a 6’8’’ point guard next to a 6’6’’ shooting guard and 6’8’’ small forward would lead to a lot of defensive versatility, if Dončić can gain the agility to stay in front of guys.

Anyway, that’s a month from now. Let’s all celebrate! This is big! Suns fans have earned this after an abysmal season, and hopefully more good news from the Phoenix front comes soon.

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