2018 NBA Playoffs: The Second Round in Review

The Conference Semifinals are over. I’m very bored because there’s no basketball until Sunday. As a follow-up to my “First Round in Review”, I’m gonna do some more storylines that I liked.


  1. This Donovan Mitchell tweet

Social media at its finest. Also, the Jazz won a game against the high-powered Rockets offense and it was very fun to watch! Donovan Mitchell looks like he can lead a team, Joe Ingles did some things, and Ricky Rubio looked very nice on the sidelines in a spiffy-looking blazer/hoodie combo (I don’t care what you say it looks very neat and I will defend that beautiful bearded man-bunned pass-first point guard with my life).


  1. Chris Paul’s Game 5

Here’s the full highlights, they speak for themselves. Point God is an appropriate nickname. 41 points and 10 assists with 7 rebounds, shooting 59.1% from the field and 80 PERCENT (!!!) from 3-point territory? Sheesh. If he keeps this up, he could really be a thorn in the side of the Warriors, which I’m hoping is true because I said the Rockets would win in 7 on my bracket.


  1. This Joel Embiid Postgame Interview

Ah, Joel. You never disappoint. Given, it is pretty funny to watch 6’2’’ Terry Rozier try and square up with literal giant Joel Embiid, so he has a point. Drawing the ire of Rozier and the Celtics wasn’t exactly a good idea, though, as shown by the result of the series. Are we still Trusting the Process? Is that still happening? They’ll be back next season, maybe just find a replacement for JJ Reddick. Brutal shooting numbers over the course of the 2nd round. And Covington, too. Jeez, the Sixers need some guard help.


  1. Brad Stevens and His Out of Timeout Plays

It’s so pretty. Brad Stevens is such an amazing coach. The Celtics might actually challenge LeBron James and his helpful acquaintances (see: SNL sketch and Onion Article), and it would be pretty amazing to see a team without two of their 20 PPG scorers advance through the Eastern Conference into the NBA Finals. Also, Drew Bledsoe showed up to a game in Boston! That’s so weird! He’s literally only important right now because he has the same last name as Eric Bledsoe and Terry Rozier made an honest mistake!


  1. “Hamptons Five” becoming a thing

I’m so glad this nickname is a thing. Why do the Warriors not want it to be a thing? I like it. It’s a nice name. “DEATH LINEUP” is a little much. “Hamptons Five” sounds like a group of nice young men who like to have fun and play basketball. “DEATH LINEUP” does not. For those uninitiated: Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Andre Iguodala all went to the Hamptons to recruit Kevin Durant, thus the lineup with all five of them on the floor at once is the “Hamptons Five,” the lineup that Steve Kerr opted to start for Games 4 and 5. Also, the Hamptons Five just absolutely dominating the Pelicans over the last two games was equal parts fun to watch and very infuriating. I’m tired of the Warriors winning but Steph Curry’s smile is so infectious.


  1. Jrue Holiday catching kisses from his daughter

It’s so cute. It’s adorable. Watch it. It’s so cute, really. I’m not even usually one for children or their antics but it’s SO CUTE. Also, the Pelicans stole a game against the mighty Warriors, which was cool. Jrue Holiday wasn’t as nearly as fun to watch as the last series, and it feels like every lob thrown to Anthony Davis was just tossed into the heavens to be recovered by anyone but Anthony Davis. The Pelicans looked very meh. Maybe let the Blazers have a stab at it? But everything went as planned, and the Warriors got the best of the Pels and the Rockets are now waiting in Houston to face them. Fun and exciting basketball ahead!


  1. LeBron James

Let me be clear: I have always disliked LeBron James. It’s like hating Kobe Bryant, or Michael Jordan before him. I hate him so so so so so much, but I would love for him to be on my basketball team. Is it too hot for him in Phoenix? Anyways. Game winners, an impromptu clinic on fadeaway jumpers, and ANOTHER conference finals appearance for the King. Is he tired yet? I dunno, probably. But he’s not gonna show it.


  1. Drake? Maybe? Nothing.

Toronto really let me down here. I’m not even gonna lie, I’m just so disappointed. Drake yelling at Kendrick Perkins is funny because it’s two men of probably equal basketball skill yelling at each other, and Drake (a fan/Global Ambassador) played as much basketball as Kendrick Perkins (a real life actual NBA basketball player) in that series. Today, the Raptors fired head coach Dwane Casey after constantly being throttled by LeBron. It came out yesterday that LeBron was literally helping Raptors players run their out of bounds plays, so they probably need to find a new playbook. The Raptors are so bad in the playoffs. I should have expected nothing different.


Anyways, that’s just my bored ramblings as I go insane waiting for the Conference Finals and the Draft Lottery. Yeah, that’s right. The Suns finally get some good news this week. Can’t wait. I’m actually very excited to get the #4 overall pick and then cry for a while. Go Suns.


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