Man to Man Podcast: 4-23-18


In honor of the release of Marvel’s Infinity War this week, Jeff, Jacob and Josh give super hero comps to all 16 (yes even the Trail Blazers) NBA playoff teams. The Trio the discuss the playoffs as a whole and who would represent each playoff team in a boxing style fight.

Marvel: 00:0010:00

Pelicans vs. Trail Blazers: 10:3014:30

Thunder vs. Jazz: 14:4017:45

Timberwolves vs. Rockets: 18:0019:15

Warriors vs. Pelicans second round preview: 19:4525:20 Western Conference wrap up: 25:3026:10

Bucks vs. Celtics: 26:4032:20

Pacers vs. Cavs: 32:2537:48

Raptors vs. Wizards: 37:5041:00

76ers vs. Heat: 41:4547:00

NBA Fight Club: 47:1053:00

Wrap up/ Kevin Durant on Social Media: 53:0554:51

Super Hero Comparisons:


Rockets: Guardians of the Galaxy

Warriors: Hawkeye

Trail Blazers: Black Widow

Thunder: Captain America

Jazz: Spiderman

Pelicans: Dr. Strange

Spurs: Nick Fury

Timberwolves: Scarlet Witch


Raptors: Winter Soldier

Celtics: Iron Man

76ers: Vision

Cavs: Hulk

Pacers: Black Panther

Heat: Ant-Man Bucks: Thor

Wizards: Falcon



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