Suns and Mike Budenholzer: A match made in Heaven

Mike Budenholzer is tired of losing in Atlanta. The Phoenix Suns need a new, talented head coach with experience in the league. Devin Booker wants to make the playoffs. Mike Budenholzer’s Hawks made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2015. This season, the Suns almost didn’t win the entire month of February. Mike Budenholzer coached a team that didn’t LOSE the entire month of January 2015. Yesterday, the Hawks granted permission to Budenholzer to meet with Phoenix. It’s all happening.

Bud, from 1996 to 2013, was an assistant coach under Gregg Popovich, one of the greatest coaches to ever grace a basketball court. He understands what it’s like to coach a winning team, to be in a winning atmosphere, and to shape young guys like Tim Duncan from the beginning of their career until close to the end. That’s something the Suns need.

After being rejected by Grand Canyon University coach and former Sun Dan Majerle, the Suns getting to talk to a coach with a winning record, not to mention a former coach of the year, is huge. Ryan McDonough went on record saying the Suns have planned to have a coach set by the end of the month, and their search started only hours after their media day wrap up.

Budenholzer’s offense is very Spurs-esque. Creating space horizontally while a big man (Ayton?) and a guard (Booker?) run a pick and roll up top. The Hawks had lethal shooters surrounding a Teague-Horford pick and roll, so if the Suns and Budenholzer work something out, the first step should be to find elite shooters (Seth Curry is a free agent, just saying).

As fun as it is to think about what could potentially be, the Suns meeting with Budenholzer is bigger than just a coaching fix. Budenholzer isn’t cheap. He’s a good coach. This is Ryan McDonough telling everyone he’s got this, and that he’s ready to right the ship. This is big. Let’s just hope Holbrook, Arizona native Mike Budenholzer realizes he could take the helm of a franchise with a lot of potential.


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