Staff Picks: NHL Playoff Edition

Some of us know a lot about hockey. Some of us know nothing about hockey. Here are all of our picks.




Metro Division — No. 1 Washington Capitals (105 pts) vs. WC Columbus Blue Jackets (97 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Washington in 5

Josh Zaklis: Washington in 6

Jeff Griffith: Washington in 5

Ryan Ladika: Washington in 5

Jacob Rosenfarb: Columbus in 7

Consensus: CAPITALS

Metro Division — No. 2 Pittsburgh Penguins (100 pts) vs. No. 3 Philadelphia Flyers (98 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Pittsburgh in 5

Josh Zaklis: Pittsburgh in 6

Jeff Griffith: Philadelphia in 7

Ryan Ladika: Pittsburgh in 5

Jacob Rosenfarb: Pittsburgh in 6

Consensus: PENGUINS

Atlantic Division — No. 1 Tampa Bay Lightning (113 pts) vs. WC New Jersey Devils (97 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Tampa Bay in 5

Josh Zaklis: Tampa Bay in 5

Jeff Griffith: Tampa Bay in 4

Ryan Ladika: Tampa Bay in 5

Jacob Rosenfarb:Tampa Bay in 4

Consensus: LIGHTNING, 4-1

Atlantic Division — No. 2 Boston Bruins (112 pts) vs. No. 3 Toronto Maple Leafs (105 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Boston in 6

Josh Zaklis: Toronto in 6

Jeff Griffith: Boston in 7

Ryan Ladika: Boston in 4

Jacob Rosenfarb: Toronto in 6

Consensus: BRUINS


Central Division — No. 1 Nashville Predators (117 pts) vs. WC Colorado Avalanche (95 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Nashville in 5

Josh Zaklis: Nashville in 5

Jeff Griffith: Nashville in 5

Ryan Ladika: Colorado in 7

Jacob Rosenfarb: Nashville in 4

Consensus: PREDATORS

Central Division — No. 2 Winnipeg Jets (114 pts) vs. No. 3 Minnesota Wild (101 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Minnesota in 6

Josh Zaklis: Winnipeg in 7

Jeff Griffith: Minnesota in 7

Ryan Ladika: Winnipeg in 6

Jacob Rosenfarb: Winnipeg in 5

Consensus: JETS

Pacific Division — No. 1 Vegas Golden Knights (109 pts) vs. WC Los Angeles Kings (98 pts)

Ryan Sharp: Los Angeles in 6

Josh Zaklis: Los Angeles in 7

Jeff Griffith: Vegas in 6

Ryan Ladika: Vegas in 6

Jacob Rosenfarb: Los Angeles in 6

Consensus: KINGS

Pacific Division — No. 2 Anaheim Ducks (101 pts) vs. No. 3 San Jose Sharks (100 pts)

Ryan Sharp: San Jose in 7

Josh Zaklis: Anaheim in 7

Jeff Griffith: San Jose in 7

Ryan Ladika: San Jose in 5

Jacob Rosenfarb: Anaheim in 7

Consensus: SHARKS


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