Where will OBJ play in 2019?


New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has voiced his desire to be the highest paid at his position in the NFL. The Giants, however, seem to be hesitant to make that happen. They’re said to be shopping him in exchange for two first round picks.

It’s unlikely he gets traded, and if the Giants don’t want to pay him, someone will. Let’s take a look at some potential destinations.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant has more or less fizzled out, but hey, at least he caught that ball three years ago.

Jason Witten is somehow still a top five tight end despite being 68 years old, but that age thing will become a problem soon.

Cole Beasley isn’t bad, but he’s not a great WR1.

Enter Odell. Jerry Jones is no stranger to overpaying for commodities like big TV’s or Tony Romo. What’s stopping him from shelling out the cash for Beckham?

Los Angeles Rams, maybe even this year

The Rams are scary now, especially on defense. They’re one of the favorites, if not the consensus pick to win the NFC.

Now take this time to think about an offense featuring Todd Gurley and Beckham. *shivers*

The New York Daily News reported that the Rams are very interested in trading for Beckham, but they’re being careful not to say anything to avoid tampering charges.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns have had a busy offseason, including the addition of Jarvis Landry. Landry took to Twitter to try and recruit Beckham to Cleveland. The two played together at LSU and remain friends. A Beckham-Landry duo would take a lot of pressure off of whoever is playing quarterback for the Browns in 2019.

Miami Dolphins

Okay, so this one is for my own own amusement. Hear this:

Both Landry and Beckham play out their contracts and head to Miami together in free agency.

We all know how Beckham feels about South Beach, now he can play there with his best friend.



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