What’s up with Kirk Cousins?

With just two days until unrestricted free agents can choose where they continue their career, it remains a mystery as to where several quarterbacks will go.

Perhaps most notable on the list is Kirk Cousins, who has reportedly narrowed his destination down to four teams; the Cardinals, Vikings, Jets and Broncos. Which one is the best fit?

Let’s take a look at each.

Arizona Cardinals

Carson Palmer finally broke beyond repair, and now the Cardinals can put someone good under center. Mike McCoy was hired as offensive coordinator under new coach Steve Wilks, meaning the offensive scheme is more than likely to change. Cousins is certainly a good person to build an offense around, but Arizona has some money issues to address if they want him. Tyrann Mathieu is on a huge contract, and it would be hard for the Cardinals to pay him and Cousins. However, Mathieu is on the trading block, leaving the potential to free up some money. That doesn’t mean they’ll spend that money on Cousins, though. It makes a lot of sense for them to trade Mathieu for Nick Foles and then draft a quarterback to develop under him. We’ll see.

Minnesota Vikings

The defending NFC North champs have three quarterbacks expected to hit free agency, and there is a chance that all three leave. Sam Bradford is the most likely to go, as his presence is no longer needed. Teddy Bridgewater and Case Keenum both took the Vikings to the playoffs, but are either of them as good as Cousins? An advantage to Cousins joining the Vikings is his chance to win immediately and not have to wait for the team around him to develop. When it comes to their 2018 starter, the Vikings are in good shape. If they miss out on Cousins, they still have two reliable quarterbacks to potentially re-sign.

New York Jets

Many would consider New York the front-runner to land Cousins. It was reported that they’re prepared to make Cousins the league’s highest paid player. If money means that much to Cousins, he should pick the Jets. If winning matters more, he’ll go elsewhere. It seems like the Jets are confident they can land Cousins, but if they don’t, they still hold a top ten draft pick in class filled with quarterbacks.

Denver Broncos

Similar to the Jets, Denver is not dead in the water if they don’t sign Cousins, as they own the fifth pick in the Draft. Von Miller said last month that Cousins could take the Broncos “over the edge.” Ultimately, that decision belongs to Cousins and GM John Elway. If Elway remains interested in Josh Allen, they can go with him instead. But the window for championships in Denver is closing, so the decision for the Broncos’ front office comes down to putting out an experienced guy or a young gunslinger. One works a little better than the other if your goal is to win titles.


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