What’s up with Nick Foles?

The Philadelphia Eagles hold a valuable asset in Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles, and have some difficult decisions to make regarding what to do with him.

Carson Wentz is definitely the starter, but Foles has proven he can play and there are teams willing to pay a price to land him. The Eagles have all the power in the situation, as Foles is under contract, and can do as they please.

Here are some potential landing spots, in no order, for the well-endowed quarterback.

Denver Broncos: This one is a bit of a stretch. There’s a very strong chance the Broncos lose out on the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes and draft a quarterback. Foles would be a good addition to lead the offense and mentor the rookie, but Denver doesn’t have the assets to give up.

Arizona Cardinals: Our Editor-in-Chief Jeff Griffith proposed a second round pick and Tyrann Mathieu to Philadelphia in exchange for Foles. Jeff is kind of crazy, but this move makes sense. The Eagles can add a talented safety to their already scary roster on top of the pick. The Cardinals get their quarterback, who will cost less than the Honey Badger.

Philadelphia Eagles: As noted earlier, Wentz is the starter. But how healthy will he be? Reports said he might have to wear a knee brace for the rest of his career. Maybe he’ll need to rest his leg more than we thought. Foles can obviously win as a backup. Why not hang on to him just in case?


Cleveland Browns: The Browns kind of gifted Wentz to the Eagles, so this might be their chance to make up for that blunder. They own 12 picks in this draft,including two early second-rounders. There will be a lot of talent on the board for the Eagles to capitalize on. Meanwhile, the Browns gain a veteran to throw into the fire while their rookie quarterback learns the pro game.


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