Anatomy of a Dynasty

A dynasty can simply be described as a team or individual that dominates their sport for an extended period of time.

In the beginning stages of a dynasty, it is hard to see if a team may become something better than just the average, but there are teams currently in basketball who have become dynasties.

At the beginning of the college basketball season it always seems you know the teams that will be good; Kansas, Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina are always ranked in college basketball preseason polls. How do teams each year compile a star roster, that wins games, and reaches the national championship game season after season? The simple answer is recruiting.

Creating and displaying the fact that your team can win games is enough for a recruit to picture himself at center court holding up the trophy in March.

Confetti only rains down on one champion and everyone wants to be part of that team. The key? You’re a team, compiled of many players with various skill sets all working together to win each game.

How do you become that team? These four schools have the answer.


Last Saturday, Kansas proved its dominate track by securing at least a share of the Big 12 title. With Texas Tech’s loss to West Virginia last night, Kansas once again will be the lone Big 12 regular season champion, a title they are used to. The Jayhawks have won their league 14 years in a row, setting a new NCAA record.

Kansas always has strong guard play from a shorter than average guy who runs the team, as well as a strong inside presence. This year those two spots are filled by Graham and Azubuike.

The Jayhawks are currently a projected number one seed and have a real chance to win the tournament this year, if they fit all the pieces together come March.


Coach K can do many things well, but his top skill is recruiting. Duke has the number one, two and three recruits coming to their court next season.

At the beginning of the season Duke’s hope of remaining a top contender in the ACC was starting to slip away, just like many other teams on this list. By the time conference play was upon them the Blue Devils had come to play.

Duke is a team full of one-and-done players, those who play to their fullest potential in college for one season before moving onto the draft. This style of play would normally not work for a basketball team, unless you became such a contender in the national championship game each season top recruits dream of playing on your team. That is exactly what has happened at Duke. Call it reputation but Duke has secured themselves as a dynasty. If you’re a big-time player, you want to have an offer to play at Duke, and that is exactly what Duke wants you to think or else their game plan would fail.


You love to hate Kentucky for many reasons but a main one is the platoon style play. First coined and used effectively by coach Calipari, the Wildcats implement a style of play that is hard to prepare for and makes matchups difficult.

It is called platoon style, a simple yet difficult way to play basketball. Other teams in the NCAA have developed their own version of platoon play on a smaller scale but none compare to Kentucky. Platoon play is players are divided into two “platoons” these platoons are made up of five players who play each of the five positions and work well with each other. When the first platoon is tired the second will come in. A group of five completely different players all fully rested coming off the bench to supply a spark for the team.

The platoon style makes Kentucky a tough team to game plan for because you are taking on ten players that alternate at position. To perfectly execute this style of play you must have skilled players and a determination to win.

North Carolina

One of the common things all of these teams have, besides being a dynasty, is their coaches have seen it all, and Roy Williams is no exception. Leaving his post at Kansas to join the Tar heels left a hole in many Kansas fans hearts, later to be filled by current coach Bill Self, Williams has experience coaching winning teams.

His style of play is similar to that of Kansas with talented guards and a quality rebounding team. Second chance baskets can help any good team be great.

North Carolina this season looks to do what they did last year, bring home the trophy. This year that path is more tangled with many talented teams this year it is hard to predict who will win.

Any of these dynasty teams are a safe bet to bring home the trophy this year.


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