J.D. Martinez signs with Red Sox

Outfielder J.D. Martinez has signed a five-year contract with the Boston Red Sox, per Pedro Gomez of ESPN.

The deal is worth $110M with an option to opt out after two years.

Martinez, 30, spent 2017 with the Detroit Tigers and Arizona Diamondbacks, who acquired him at the trade deadline. He hit for a .303 average and 45 home runs last season. Most of his productivity came in the second half of the season, giving the Diamondbacks the edge they needed to make the playoffs.

The right-handed power hitter will now face the task of lifting balls over Fenway Park’s Green Monster. Despite the scary name, Martinez shouldn’t have much trouble clearing the wall. His home runs traveled an average of 407 feet in 2017 (the Monster is 310 feet from the plate), and they reached an average height of 48 feet, 11 feet higher than the Green Monster. Martinez hits home runs about ten feet further and higher than the MLB average.

An announcement is expected soon, and he will likely join the team in Fort Myers tomorrow.

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