Why You Should Care About the NHL on Super Bowl Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday, so for most Americans there is only one game that matters. It starts at 6 p.m. EST and it will either end in Tom Brady getting another ring and seven months of annoying Pats fans. Or the entire country being forced to deal with Eagles fans for the seven years and how great this team was.

Neither option is great.

But there is another way, on Sunday starting at 12:30 EST there are three NHL games that you can watch to avoid just a little bit of Super Bowl mania.

This is a preview of how each of these games will impact the standings and maybe, be more entertaining than the Super Bowl.

Vegas Golden Knights at Washington Capitals

Unless you have been living under a rock since September you are at least somewhat aware of how #good the Golden Knights have been in their first season ever.

What you may not know is Vegas has been historically #good in the 2017-18 season.

The Knights have 34 wins which is the most ever by an expansion team in NHL history. Oh and by the way, it’s February so Vegas is very much in the mix for a playoff appearance as they boast the best record in the Western Conference and second to only the Tampa Bay Lightning in the league.

So if you have a chance to watch this team, you should take it.

As for the Capitals, while they haven’t been as good as last year they have the most points in the Metropolitan division and have been one of the best (regular season) teams in the NHL in recent years.

I give this game a watch-ability rating of: Better than any Redskins or Raiders game that was on in 2017.

San Jose Sharks at Carolina Hurricanes

This is also an intriguing match up in large part because of the impact that it has on the standings.

A win for Carolina would not only put them in the playoff picture, but it would put them in first wild card seed. Granted they will be tied for that slot and still only ahead of the Flyers by one point. But the Carolina Hurricanes in the playoff picture is not something you see every year and should be cherished.

For the Sharks this game will be all about building separation between themselves and the Anaheim Ducks. Right now San Jose sits two points up on the Ducks for second place in the Pacific division.

The Sharks have been in the playoffs the past few years but other than a Stanley Cup run in 2016, they’ve struggled to get it going when the calendar turns to May. The San Jose core is also getting up there in age so the team knows they only have some many runs left in them before players start to leave or retire.

I give this game a watch-ability rating of: Panthers vs. Saints in week 13

Ottawa Senators at Montreal Canadiéns

While this game doesn’t have a huge impact on the standings, there will be  some interesting players to watch this in the game.

For the Canadians the player to watch is Carey Price, he is a world class player who is having a below average year by his standards. Price continues to look to bounce back to spark his team as they try to make a late run to the postseason.

The Senators are well out of the playoff race, however many people forget that Matt Duchene is having somewhat of an under whelming year for the Sens and he will be looking to start building a case for himself and why he deserves a huge contract when his contract is up after the end of the 2018-19 season.

I give this game a watch-ability rating of: Broncos vs. Giants, both teams were supposed to be good but neither was and now it’s week 10 and this is just a bad game.


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