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Welcome to Sideline Intel

Hello Internet, and welcome to Sideline Intel!

We were founded with one thing in mind: good journalism.

As technology and methods of media consumption progress, sports journalism has lost quality. The industry has been taken over by yelling ridiculous statements and claiming it as a “hot take.” Great writers have been booted off of the internet to clear bandwidth for video-only sites. It seems that websites only create Clickbait to draw users. Once the site is opened, all the user finds is a page plastered with  poor content. That is not our goal. It is deplorable that sites bring in millions of dollars by exaggerating headlines that drive people to click on a link with no story.

We want to bring an end to Clickbait and make sure that anything we post is relevant and worthy of its own page on the internet.

It is important that media outlets provide content in all forms to best fit the needs of individuals while also keeping the quality that was found in “old fashioned” journalism. Sideline Intel does exactly that. It provides good content across multiple platforms. With time, Sideline Intel can become a driving force and perhaps an example in the journalism world.

As of today we are small, but we will grow, and it would be great if you grew with us.


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